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TIPE International Advisory Committee

Dr. Shahzad Bashir
Agha Khan Professor of Islamic Humanities, Professor of Religious Studies, Brown University, RI, USA
Dr. Andrej Zwitter
NGIZ Chair for International Relations, Dean of University College Fryslan, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Dr. Melissa S. Williams
Professor of Political Science and Founding Director of the Center for Ethics, University of Toronto, Canada
Dr. Joost Herman
Professor in Globalization studies and Humanitarian Action.
President International NOHA Association.
Director Globalization Studies Groningen Institute (GSG).
The Netherlands
Dr. M. Ayaz Naseem
Professor of Education.
George Arnhold Research Professor on Education for Sustainable Peace.
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
George Eckert Institute Braunschweig, Germany
Dr. Adeela Arshad-Ayaz
Associate Professor of Education. Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Dr. Trinidad Rico
Director of CHAPS, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
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