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Hassan Bashir, Eyad Masad and Phillip W. Gray (editors)
2013, Rowman and Littlefield, Lexington Books, USA

Co-Existing in a Globalized World: Key Themes in Inter-Professional Ethics brings together, and engages with, the scholarly work accomplished individually under the banner of professional ethics in various fields. The overarching theme of the volume is that globalization inevitably pairs professionals from distinct fields as co-workers. This necessitates serious reflection on how diverse fields can co-exist and achieve superior results through combining best practices from each. The authors are leading scholars and practitioners who have diverse national and distinguished professional backgrounds. These authors particularly focus on ethical concerns emerging from the inherent symbiotic relationship between cultural boundaries, professions and globalization.

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Introduction: Inter professional Ethics and Globalization,

by Hassan Bashir, Phillip W. Gray and Eyad Masad

Defeasible Logic in Contemporary Bioethics: On the Relevance of Both Causistry and Islamic Ijtihad,

by Norman K. Swazo


Globalizing Feminist Bioethics of Care,

by Rosemarie Tong


Ethical Research in Law and Politics: Methodological Pitfalls,

by Andrej Zwitter


Revisioning International Law on Intellectual Property: Towards a Joint East-West Perspective,

by Ahmed Bashir


The Status of Professional Engineering Ethics: Evolution and Challenges,

by Sikander Ahmed Shah

​Must the Camera Add Twenty Pounds of Ethics? Reconsidering Ethics for Human Participants Research in Visual Social Sciences,

by Sarah R. Jordan and Phillip W. Gray

The Tragic as a Response to the Transference of Western Notions in Engineering Ethics in Saudi Arabia: A Practical Dimension,

by Mohammad Haris


Ethical Issues in the Spread of English as a Global Language: Is the Spread of English a Cure or a Curse?

by Zohreh Eslami

Colleen Murphy, Paolo Gardoni, Hassan Bashir, Charles E. Harris Jr. and Eyad Masad (editors)

2015, Springer, USA

The overarching purpose of the proposed edited volume is to identify, discuss and begin to address the wide array of ethical issues that have emerged for engineers due to the rise of a global economy. To date, there has been no systematic treatment of the particular challenges globalization poses for engineering ethical standards and education. This volume concentrates on precisely this challenge. Scholars and practitioners from diverse national and professional backgrounds discuss the ethical issues emerging from the inherent symbiotic relationship between the engineering profession and globalization. Through their discussions, a deeper and more complete understanding of the precise ways in which globalization impacts the formulation and justification of ethical standards in engineering as well as the curriculum and pedagogy of engineering ethics education emerges.

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U.S. Engagement in International Activity in Engineering Ethics,
by Rachelle Hollander

Global Engineering and National Technology Policies: Is There a Conflict?,

by Hal Salzman and Leonard Lynn

International Ethics and Failures: Case Studies,

by Norb Delatte

Global Engineering Ethics: Re-inventing the Wheel?,
by Michael Davis


Social, Cultural, Political and Religious Constraints on Designing an Ethnical Framework for Engineering in a Global Context,

by Noreen Sugrue and Tim McCarthy

The Significance of Context in the Reconstitution of Notions of Moral Responsibility in Engineering Ethics,
by Muhammad Haris


Foundations of Global Ethics for Engineering,

by Peter Kilpatrick


International Ethics: A Case Study in the Construction Industry,
by George Wang

Engineering and Climate Change: Why the Choice of Ethical Perspective Matters,

by Khalid Mir


Enriching Engineering Ethics with Development Ethics: A Proposal to Draw on the CA,

by Ilse Oosterlaken


Resources for Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching Engineering Ethics in an International Context,
by Brock Barry

Responsible Conduct of Research Training for Engineers: Adapting Research Ethics Training for Engineering Graduate Students,
by Sara Jordan and Phil Gray

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Engineering Ethics Education: Chile and United States,

by Ruth I. Murrugarra and William A. Wallace


Integrating the Ethics Dimension in Undergraduate Teaching in the College of Engineering at Qatar University: Challenges and Future

by Ramazan Kahraman and Majeda Khraisheh


Training Responsible Engineers for Global Contexts,

by William Frey


Toward a Global Engineering (Ethics) Curriculum,
by Eugene Moriarty